At the very heart of FOA Home® are collectionscarefully curated ensembles of every room for a unifying look in any home. We bring together disparate pieces and tie them into a cohesive whole, encouraging you along the way to make little touches and substitutions to make it your own. You are the designer, and we're here to help you get started.

Chateau Queval

Make your home feel like it’s been placed in the French countryside, the Chateau Queval collection is cozy and comfortable, yet chic and sophisticated. It tunes in on balance to make for approachable elegance.

ICON Seven

To some the Icon Seven collection is too much to handle, to you it’s the perfect way to highlight your eccentric charm and love for the decadent side of life. A mixture of textures gives this collection plenty of depth and room to play.

Gibbs Station

What the Gibbs Station collection does best is take masculine minimalist cues from industrial designs and meld it with relaxed pieces, making a handsome, mechanical-inspired set as comfortable as you’d like.

Midtown Metro

Effortless in its approach and infinitely stylish, the Midtown Metro collection features the clean lines, organic curves, and minimalism you've come to expect and love from atomic age inspired designs.


Focused on the interplay between dark and light tones, the sophisticated Slate & Birch collection carries itself with balanced elegance. Enjoy plush seating, wire brushed wood finishes, and touches of pattern that can elevate your home.

Opal Caravan

Inspired by those who choose an unconventional lifestyle, the Opal Caravan collection evokes the sense of packing your belongings into one room. A traveling collection of art, culture, and shape all brought into one cozy space. 

Mod Blanc

If you like clean, modern designs the Mod Blanc collection is for you. Get all the high gloss lacquer finishes, chrome, and glass you want without sacrificing comfort as we’ve made sure to include textures and warmth to the theme.

The Homesteader

The Homesteader collection is a pastoral blend of natural wood grains, muted neutral tones, and a helping of gruff metal accents keep this collection simple. Give your home a DIY look showing visitors you like things on the heartier side.

Somerset Isles

With the idyllic settings of soft sands and sea spray, the Somerset Isles collection fashions a beach house tone by introducing hints of aquatic chroma and windswept woods, with light fabrics that remind of breezy summer days.

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