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The Chateau Queval collection takes notes of humble country charm and adds a dash of refined luxury. Let this combination of wooden forms and plush cushioning curl into your home to create the perfect level of homely comfort and style. Introduce elements of a French cottage into your home where you can enjoy the wondrous call of a meadow land retreat.

Debonair without feeling too elitist, humble without feeling too safe this collection tows the line of comfort and style. This is the perfect collection for someone looking to give their home a warm and welcoming feel but with flexibility for the finer things in life.


Posh Details and Humble Backdrops

The Chateau Queval collection encompasses a fun mix of styles that can feel both comforting and regal. The traditional aspects of carved wooden trims and motifs are met by humble and warm wooden grains. The key to Chateau Queval is getting the right mix of shine and sparkle with the right amount of natural elements. By mixing aspects of both, you find a appealing balance. Fabrics typically fall into neutral beige that allow for great flexibility with accent pieces and décor. Highlights like a jaw-dropping chandelier or a luminous floor lamp pop against the humble tones of the furniture. Dot your room with metallic curios, mercury glass, mirrored accent pieces that can rest elegantly on the modest color palette. These flashes of shine are what bring the wow factor to the room and keeps it from getting too safe and bland.

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Chateau Queval