Corner Shelf



A short bookshelf and cabinet combination that's perfect for books and decorations. Make use of every inch of your space.


Style Contemporary
Dimension 32"W X 17"D X 50"H
Materials Solid Wood/Wood Veneer/Others
Height 50"
Width 32"
Depth 17"
Wood Finish White
Assembly Required Yes
Features Contemporary Style. Storage Shelves. Solid Wood, Wood Veneer & Others*. White
Item Number CM-AC807WH


The modern style came about as a means to counter the over embellishment of traditional designs. Our Mod Blanc collection was curated to reduce the visual clutter of each piece and give you a modernized gleaming blank canvas to modify as you see fit. We aim to introduce some more comfort, and surprise pieces, to the sometimes barren minimalism of the modern style.

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