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MOrE Than your average urban Space

The appeal of the Gibbs Station collection lies in its emphasis on raw materials that gives it a hardworking masculine feel. The collection embraces the wear of age and use, seeing them as character markings. We selected pieces for their sense of utilitarianism and humble simplicity. The industrial style began when old factories were converted into living spaces, but that doesn’t mean you need to have a warehouse with iron framed windows to appreciate what the Gibbs Station collection can bring to your home.

We employed pieces with galvanized steel components or items with dark metals. In order to prevent any space from getting too cold we made sure to include some softer elements. Pieces with beige coating show signs of wear and exposure. Rugs break from the typical bare cement or wood floors found throughout industrial designs. And since you can’t sit on bare metal and wood chairs all day, we liked to include leather seating. Just make sure the materials look natural and the designs are kept simple. Gibbs Station has many elements in line with a rustic aesthetic but with a grittier urban feel.


Repurposed Parts and Functional Form

The interesting thing about the Gibbs Station collection’s details is that they aren’t necessarily intentional as a means of decoration. Exposed bolts, visible stitched welt trims, worn wood; these are the ornamentations of this collection. You get the feeling of repurposed pieces like a crank lifted desk, or smelted grating for cabinet faces which not only beam with character but feel minimal and unfettered. They have a purpose and a reason to be there. What results is an appreciation of functional form that gives life to your home.

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