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The Icon Seven collection is not for everyone. It is bold. It is opulent. It is out there. It oozes the aura of a penthouse. This glam styled collection favors a play on textures that gives any room copious amounts of depth. Metallic and champagne finishes are met by fur accents, pearly leathers meet chenille upholstery. Acrylic, crystal, and mirror accents have a fair say in this set as a way to play and flirt with the lighting of a room. This style embraces textures while unifying them in a sense of luster. Light bounces off of the Icon Seven collection in spectacular ways, letting you live in the 

limelight of your style. This collection is set on turning heads but hides a high level of versatility, perfect for a dash of eclectic mix and match. Some greenery gives a touch of life to a room. An added contemporary piece can tone down a section of the space, while maintaining a high gloss and luminous feel. A wine server in the living room can work as a social hub where drinks are served, adding to the indulgence of the set. This collection is not for the faint of heart. Own your room.


Textures, Glitters, and reflectives

The litany of textures present in the Icon Seven collection can make you wonder about sensory overload, but isn’t that the point? Often times you find a room staying within one or two textures, too afraid to veer off strict guides. This collection is about amusing your senses. Panne velvet throw pillows sitting atop lovely pearl leatherette just dazzle the sense of touch. Sleek metallic finishes, lined with mirrored inserts, or shining nailheads on chenille all give vibrancy to your room. Long billowing drapery add elegance and drama to the ensemble. Play on the dichotomy of metal and plush fabric, and see how satisfying it can be.

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