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The Midtown Metro collection features the timeless allure of atomic age designs. Like a fine wine, age has done great things to this style. By wearing away at some of the more outlandish shapes, we end up with a stronger minimalist feel. It’s a look that has grown in popularity by maintaining a modern aesthetic with some nostalgic flair. This collection distinguishes itself with clean lines, organic curves, and minimal adornment for a classic, understated look. 

When piecing this collection together, we remembered the influences without being afraid to veer away from them. We wanted to show how the style plays with materials and colors. Tweed upholstery, glass table tops, metal frames, angled wooden legs; they all have a place in this collection. We wanted to give each piece some space to breath and show off their personality, because here, less is certainly more.


Uncluttered lines, organic forms

Do not feel compelled to replicate the era this collection is influenced by, as that can be daunting and put you off to the idea of exploring a style you enjoy.  To take away the intimidation it is best to focus on one piece. Each piece in the Midtown Metro collection is filled with enough character to take over a room. Understand what defines that piece and play on those features. Build around it. It does not have to be a set, but avoid too many patterns and stay within a color range. Because the style is so understated adding accessories become paramount to achieving the look you desire. Button tufted seating can be offset by some plush pillows. The neutral grays of the major pieces are complimented by golden bursts of color. Geometrics and sunbursts play wonderfully with the clean lines of the furniture. Don’t be too afraid of the modern part of mid-century modern.

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