A Perfect Marriage of Chrome and Neutrals

The Mod Blanc collection trims the excess away in place of streamlined designs. It follows the philosophy that “form follows function”. This is essentially the idea that the design of an item is primary to its purpose. The modernist style also focuses on clean minimalist forms, symmetry, and pared down form. We liked all of this, but know that your home should still carry a touch of comfort.

The ideals of modern styling still fill this collection. You’ll find plenty of stark crisp whites, glossy and reflective textures, and symmetry, but inclusions like an upholstered bed, ribbed padded chairs, and more artistically inclined accent pieces help create a sense of leeway. The compact bar table and chairs in the corner also invites some fun and helps keep the collection from becoming too sterile. Modernism is typically clean and mature, but doesn’t have to be.



What becomes the feature that links one piece to the next and helps unify your home is the use of shining chrome throughout the Mod Blanc collection. Simple chrome drawer pulls stand stark against a high gloss lacquer finished dresser. That same chrome can be found framing the hugging padding of a leatherette sofa or shining as the base of an occasional table. This unifying factor is great because it’s easy to notice and chrome is a very consistent tone. The color palette of the set revolves around white, black, and gray so you have no problem fining accent pieces and putting in notes of color.

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