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Free-Flowing Comfort and Wander

Inspired by the rocky earth at your feet and the open skies above your head, the Opal Caravan collection wants to inspire your inner free spirit. We felt inspired to make a collection that favored comfort and felt free and loose. Something similar to an eclectic set but with even less restrictions. We picked items that blend old and new, they offer simple silhouettes with plush fabrics while offering solid backdrops for the variety of patterns and colored accent pieces. We wanted to select items that felt unconventional, free, and artistic.

This collection embraces comfort and a laisser-faire approach to home decorating. It opts for multiple patterns and splashes of color that breakthrough and fills your room with life. The important thing about the Opal Caravan collection is that the feeling of individuality supersedes any prior notions of decorating dos and don’ts. We are trying to create a comfortable space full of life and a sense of travel and freedom. You want to fill every space with variety and diversity in color and form, to give the feeling that the home is overflowing with life



A new twist on a 60’s vibe makes this collection feel current verus the dated hippie look. Simple understated furniture provided a base layer then we got busy with elements. Lots of floor items around, pillows, poufs, and rugs add depth, and a different vibe over a carpet or single central rug. Metallic and fur elements mesh with leafy plants in colorful containers to bring a quirky, colorful personality. Mixed in layers of flowy fabrics like gauzy tapestries on canopies or draped about the room. Scarves hanging off the sides of dressers, low chairs, pillows strewn about haphazardly. Moroccan, Indian prints are trendy and great with Boho. Use colorful plates, wall art, and soft pillows, on dining chairs to create a casual vibe that opposes the usual dining atmosphere. We wanted a carefree comfort to coat the collection.

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