Silver Leaf Pillow



A dark gray pillow covered in silver leafage offers a visual respite for the home. Stuffed with supple waterfowl feathers.


Style Contemporary
Dimension 20" x 20"
Materials Polyester
Width 20"
Length 20"
Upholstery Color Silver
Assembly Required Yes
Features Waterfowl Feather With Zipper. Silver. 1% Polyester. 2/CTN
Item Number PL8038


The Icon Seven collection is set on turning heads but hides a high level of versatility, perfect for a touch of eclectic mix and match. It oozes the aura of a penthouse. This glam styled collection favors a play on textures that gives any room copious amounts of depth. This style embraces textures while unifying them in a sense of luster. Light bounces off of the Icon Seven collection in spectacular ways, letting you live in the limelight of your style.

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