Silver Shag Rug



A shag rug adds a layer of texture to a room, and fluffy pile can be incredibly comfortable.


Style Contemporary
Dimension 5'X7'
Materials Cotton Backing
Width 84"
Length 60"
Upholstery Color Silver
Assembly Required Yes
Features Polyester. 3" Pile Ht. Cotton Backing. Made in China
Item Number RG4104


The Icon Seven collection is set on turning heads but hides a high level of versatility, perfect for a touch of eclectic mix and match. It oozes the aura of a penthouse. This glam styled collection favors a play on textures that gives any room copious amounts of depth. This style embraces textures while unifying them in a sense of luster. Light bounces off of the Icon Seven collection in spectacular ways, letting you live in the limelight of your style.

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