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An Eclectic Soft Loft Chic

Unrestricted by style guidelines and instead focused on a perfect blend of style and comfort the Slate & Birch collection manages to be laid-back while also looking mature. You can easily see your home transforming into this beautiful ensemble without having to completely shift your style or purchase an array of new decorative pieces. This collection has relaxation at its heart but disguises it behind stylish designs and worldly patterns. It’s a well balanced and mature collection that can fit into a New York loft as much a suburban home.

Slate & Birch is named after birch trees and slate rock. Birch for its striking white bark with pattering of black, and slate for its deep grays and hints of blue and green hues. Evidence in the dark blue hues of the Turkish patterned accent pieces don’t break away and distract. The dark wooden constructions are softened by neutral padding. You’ll love how the pieces are eclectic and don’t feel like they fit into a cookie cutter item set but they all fit well with each other, this is that cozy chic look that you’ve been dreaming of.


DArk, light, and Patterns all around

What helps the Slate & Birch collection really flow is its use of pattern. We wanted to include a healthy sampling of designs and shapes that bring a cosmopolitan feel to the room. Everything from the rounded ottoman’s Turkish inspired floral medallions to the bedroom rug’s alternating bars has a looser feel than the tight geometrics of other styles. Soft plush padding, simple and usable accent pieces, and slight wear to the wood finishes just add to the lived-in and organic look of this collection.

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