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Wet coastlines and pleasant horizons inspired the sandy Somerset Isles. When we put this collection together we liked the idea of some deeper tones. We steered away from driftwood colored lumber and opted instead for weathered natural browns. This makes the pieces a little easier to fit into most homes color schemes. We paired that with some classic ocean hues found throughout. Of course coastal style is really all about relaxation and comfort, evoking the vibes of a summer days spent in the sun.

The Somerset Isles are about setting a mood that is evocative of the coast without feeling like a seaside gift shop. We opted for washed-out nautical tones and playful patterns. We wanted to introduce some plant life, particularly palm trees, because they are often overlooked in sun-bleached coastal decors. Some green adds life and helps blur the lines between indoor and outdoor. Use thin or sheer curtains to let the rays of the sun inside. Let this collection invite some good times into your home.



What aligns the pieces of the Somerset Isles collection is subtlety. No piece is too strong, but together they bring a strong feeling of azure waters and soft sands. The collection is defined by warm whites, soft neutrals, with some oceanic blues dotting the arrangement of patterned seating and throw pillows. It hits the color palette of the seashore but not in an overt way. The natural wooden tones look windswept and worn for that hint of rustic charm that fits the cozy beach house aesthetic. It’s important to make sure you have soft furnishings; after all you’re going for the feeling of a warm breeze summer. A small display case can really help set a mood it lets you place family photos side-by-side with your favorite shells and ocean inspired curios. These details will add up and have you feeling like you’re living in an ocean side cottage.

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